Join us for in store workshops held at various times throughout the year. Learn to create a unique design in a group setting that is both challenging, and fun! All tools, materials and floral are supplied, all you need to bring is your creative imagination.

"What do I do now..."

Once you have received or brought home your floral purchase from Salmon Arm florist, you should know a few things. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your flowers fresh and long lasting.

Designers Floral Oasis

Be aware that these designs require water "everyday" , as the flowers drink, they receive water from the absorption and transfer through the Oasis. When watering these designs we suggest taking your vessel to the sink and "FLOODING" the entire vessel with water and simply tipping out the excess water, drying off with a towel and placing your floral design back for all to enjoy.

Note: be sure to water into the centre of the design to ensure full coverage of the designers Oasis.

Vase Designed Floral

These wonderful designs are easily cared for as you can see the level of water on a daily basis. It is always best to keep your water level to the top of the vase, and to be sure that all stems are below the water line at all times.

For best results, and to maintain "clean" water, we suggest to "FLOOD" your vase every two to three days. Simply take your vase to the sink and run cool water into the vase for one to two minutes allowing the old water to spill out and be replaced with "fresh" water. Simply dry off with a towel and place your floral design back for all to enjoy!

Signature Hand-ties

These beautiful creations are the simplest to care for. When you receive your signature hand-tie be sure to first! Fill your vase with "fresh" cool water. Using a sharp pair of cutters (garden bypass cutters are best ), simply cut the stems and place your signature Hand-tie directly into your vase of water.

We suggest replacing water with fresh clean water for best results. Place back your Hand-tie for all to enjoy

Should you have any questions about the care of your floral from Salmon Arm Florist please do not hesitate to give us a call, we would be happy to help.

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Wedding Bells!

Romance, Passion & love...all the ingredients of a beautiful life together, commencing with a coming together of two hearts to unite in marriage.

Your day, your life, your wedding…expressed to everyone, in your own style! Express your dreams the way you always envisioned. Salmon Arm Florist Weddings and events can help make those dreams come true.

A Salmon Arm Florist wedding captures your moment in an expression of floral. Brides and grooms plan and work hard to create their day, and want it to be perfect in every way.

Salmon Arm Florist helps in creating a look, a style, an atmosphere. From the simplest napkin adornment, to a breath taking display and array of floral to fill any venue.

With great care and attention Salmon Arm Florist work(s) closely with the bride and groom to help in bringing to life the vision and passion of your day. During your consultation our designers work with you to gain greater understanding of your vision of what your day will look like.

Whether it be styles and designs of your choice, or original creations from Salmon Arm Florist, we work as hard as you do to bring together your wedding flowers, alleviating any stress or pressure to help you relax knowing that Salmon Arm Florist will be there.

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Where Contemporary Meets Tradition

Welcome to Salmon Arm Florist, digital web magazine, whether viewing our site or browsing in our store, you will discover "this is not your typical florist".

Modeling the store from the European styles of open concepts: i.e.: NO cooler, where the entire store is temperature controlled and the flowers and products are placed through out the store for customers to directly enjoy all that is offered.

With ever evolving styles and trends in the floral industry, Salmon Arm Florist continues to stay up to date to deliver our customers the best in floral designs, service and quality. Our goal is to give each of our customers the best service and experience we can.

Knowing that consumers have many choices available to them today, Salmon Arm florist strives to offer something different. With strong influence in European trends and a fashion for artful designs, our customers can be assured that each design is given the care and attention we ourselves would want to see.

"Creative, unique and whimsical…" are just a few of the adjectives our customers use confirming that Salmon Arm Florist is delivering something fresh, and original in a world where one can easily get lost in the blurr of repetition. Please enjoy our site and visit our store to see what is new and exciting in the world of floristry.

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